This year we need a favour.

A favour we hoped to never to have to ask you.

This year, we have to ask you not to come to see us.

If you really like cycling…

We won’t be able to see each other at the mountain passes… or at the departure, or at the finish-line, not even on the road.

We won’t be able to enjoy your applause, or your encouragement, or your screams.

If you like cycling …

Take care of your family. Take care of yourself.


But…, those of us who are part of La Vuelta…

We want to feel that you’re still there.

We want to feel your support. How you cheer us on… from the other side of the screen.

Don’t let us down.

We need you This 2020, experience La Vuelta from home.

La Vuelta 20 - Quédate en casa