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1,335 inhabitants (Fermoselle)

Zamora Province

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The town of the thousand cellars, the Duero Balcony, capital of the Arribes or “town whose houses seem to be scattered in rocky hills, to which they cling so as not to fall”, as described by Miguel de Unamuno… It is for these reasons that Fermoselle is well-known. It is also known for being located within the Iberian Plateau Biosphere Reserve. 

There are so many attractions in Fermoselle worthy of being visited, that any travellers who opt to stay there are guaranteed to return, and to tell everyone what they discovered, saw and felt in its narrow streets and in the hiking trails of the encased Duero, that combines its waters between Zamora, Salamanca and Portugal. They will also have much to say about the vineyards and centenary olive trees that are living proof of the working spirit and welcoming nature of the locals. 

Doña Urraca Castle, which opens up to the Duero River, looking straight at the Portuguese neighbours, the nooks of the old Jewish quarter, the entrance archway, the Romanesque Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, the viewpoints… Fermoselle is a treasure in itself that deserves to be discovered calmly.



Bermillo de Sayago, located on the way to the Arribes del Duero, is a municipality in the Province of Zamora, in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León. With a population of 1085 inhabitants, the council is made up of 7 towns and its people live mainly off livestock and granite quarries. 

Bermillo de Sayago has the highest concentration of services: notary, registry, Civil Guards, Medical Centre and an industrial park where the highest hopes of population settlement reside.

It possesses a building that was once a Courthouse and a prison in 1901, now a theatre. The Parish Church of Bermillo, which dates back to the late 16th century, dedicated to “Our Lady of the Assumption”, is the epicentre of the patron saint festivities that take place on the first weekend in August. A pilgrimage in honour of “San Juan de los Huevos” is celebrated on the first Saturday in May in the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace, where locals go to spend a springtime afternoon. Bermillo de Sayago is, without a doubt, a place worth discovering.

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