Lisbon will, once again, mark the official start of La Vuelta, just as it did back in 1997. The Portuguese capital, located along the banks of the Tajo River, will showcase all the charm of its cobblestone streets. From the Fado chords that echo in Alfama to the modernity of the avant-garde Barrio Alto, Lisbon is brimming with life. Museums like the National Museum of Ancient Art and the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum bring the past to life, while music and film festivals mark its cultural pulse. Each and every corner of Lisbon is a masterpiece, while its hills offer a beautiful skyline, making it the ideal starting point for La Vuelta 24.

  • Lisbon has already hosted a La Vuelta stage departure once before, in 1997.
  • 545,796 inhabitants
  • Portugal

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