News - 07/03 - 16:00

La Vuelta fans will choose their favourite high-altitude finale in 2019

Cycling fans will be able to choose again their favourite high-altitude finale in #LaVuelta19. Through the campaign “The most viral high-altitude finale”, that will take place on La Vuelta’s Facebook profile, followers will be able to vote on their preferred high-altitude finale out of the eight most spectacular ones featuring in the 74th edition of the Spanish...

News - 01/03 - 10:38

La Vuelta 19 will commence at one of the salt mountains in the Torrevieja Natural Park

La Vuelta’s sports and logistics directors visit the Torrevieja Salt Mines, the location of the official departure of La Vuelta 19, in the company of Eduardo Dolón, the Vice President of the Alicante Provincial Council and the Tourism Representative

Last week, an important coordination meeting took place with all the municipalities through which...

News - 20/02 - 17:21

#LaVuelta20: three stages and 410 km in The Netherlands

August 2020 La Vuelta will held its 75th edition. For that special occasion, the Spanish Grand Tour will start with three stages and 410 km in The Netherlands, through the provinces of Utrecht and North Brabant. No less than 34 Dutch municipalities will be visited in three days. The cities (Utrecht, 's-Hertogenbosch, Breda) and provinces (Utrecht, North Brabant) involved in organising...

News - 17/01 - 13:53


Once again, Continental, a technological company and international automotive supplier, continues its collaboration with La Vuelta. La Vuelta’s 74th edition will be held between the 24th of August and the 15th of September, starting with an official departure from Salinas de Torrevieja and a final finish line in Madrid. Continental will be present as a sponsor throughout...

News - 19/12 - 20:30


Chromatium thiocapsa is the name of a purple bacterium that lies at the origin of one of the most beautiful phenomena in nature: its high sodium chloride content turns water pink. The Salinas de Torrevieja are a case in point: when the salt levels in the water are high the bacterium breeds and grows, and in the sunlight the waters of the lake take on an incomparable rose colour.


News - 19/12 - 20:30


The official route for La Vuelta 19 was today announced at the ADDA auditorium in Alicante. The 74th edition of the Spanish race will take place between August 24th and September 15th 2019, setting out from Salinas de Torrevieja and ending in Madrid. With a distance of 3,272.2 km, the competition includes eight uphill finishes, five of which are new. The presentation was attended...

News - 19/12 - 20:30


Life, power, passion, heart and strength are all ideas associated with the red colour. They are also ideas associated with Spain and La Vuelta. They are terms that we adopted as our own ten years ago, when we made red our colour: the colour wore by the overall leader, the colour of winning and the eager pursuit of victory in an exciting race.

We shifted away from gold...

News - 18/12 - 12:32

The White Jersey, sponsored by Feníe Energía, to honour the Best Young Rider of La Vuelta

Miguel Ángel López (AST) and Enric Mas (QST) won the « Best Young Rider » prize in La Vuelta 17 and 18 respectively.

Beginning with the race’s 2019 edition, La Vuelta’s white jersey, which thus far has been worn by the leading rider in the combined ranking, will be worn by the best young cyclist in the peloton....

News - 12/12 - 13:12

Noord-Brabant and Utrecht welcome the official start of La Vuelta 2020

Utrecht and Noord-Brabant will form the course for the official start of La Vuelta together in 2020. Vuelta Director, Javier Guillén, informed the Mayor of Utrecht, Jan van Zanen, of this on Monday and the both made the official announcement today in Utrecht. The team presentation, the start with a team time trial and the finish of the second stage are to be held in Utrecht...

News - 06/11 - 12:56

La Vuelta 19 | SAVE THE DATE | 19/12

On Wednesday, December 19th, Unipublic will be presenting the route of La Vuelta 19. The ADDA (Auditorio Provincial de Alicante) will be hosting the ceremony in which the details of the 74th edition of La Vuelta will be revealed.

In a live streamed gala that will be broadcasted on Teledeporte at 7 pm, the organisation will be unveiling the host cities...

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