3rd edition of the eTapa: the gastronomic competition that gives La Vuelta flavour

July 4 th 2019 - 16:00

 La Vuelta fans will, once again, choose the official tapa of La Vuelta 19 through a gastronomic competition that will be in its 3rd edition this year: La eTapa. The winner will get to enjoy a VIP experience in one of the Spanish tour’s stages and his/her dish will be served at the Punto de Encuentro (VIP area in the departure zone) during the 21 stages that make up La Vuelta 19.

To participate in the competition, you must register through the following link. Once registered, contestants must design a recipe that can be prepared in less than 10 minutes  and that includes no more than five ingredients out of the over 15 permitted elements. Among these products are vegetables, meat and fish, allowing for the creation of endless different recipes.

Once the tapas have been designed, those registered will have to try to promote them on social media so that they obtain the most votes from La Vuelta fans. A jury consisting of the directors of La Vuelta will have the final vote and will choose the winning eTapa among the three most voted by users.

The recipes may be presented from the 4th – 24th of July and the winning tapa will be announced on Monday, the 29th of July, through La Vuelta’s social platforms.


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