La Cubilla. Lena is the most viral high-altitude finale of La Vuelta 19 and will be this edition’s Alberto Fernández summit

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Cycling and La Vuelta fans have voted and have chosen La Cubilla. Lena as the “Most viral high-altitude finale” of La Vuelta 19. The Asturian peak, one of the great unprecedented locations of La Vuelta’s 74th edition, faced another unprecedented mountain pass in the final: Ares del Maestrat, in the Province of Castellón. A tough final battle in which over 3000 users voted through La Vuelta’s Facebook page.

Despite the countless Asturian summits La Vuelta has already climbed in the past, the Principality continues to offer the race – year after year – new unprecedented peaks. The La Cubilla mountain pass is comparable to its Pyrenean counterparts due to its length, its characteristic winding twists and the unparalleled beauty found along its ascent. Over 20 km of continuous climbing with an average inclination of 5% and ramps featuring two-digit percentiles. This mountain pass, highly frequented and appreciated by cyclotourists, makes its debut in La Vuelta 19 on a high note.


Located on the Leon border of the Las Ubiñas Natural Park, Biosphere Reserve, La Cubilla won a competition that began in March and which saw it beat seven of La Vuelta’s other high-altitude finales. In the face-offs, La Cubilla eliminated the infernal ramps of the Castellón mountain pass Mas de la Costa and those of another more recent discovery for La Vuelta: Los Machucos, Monumento a la Vaca Pasiega.

Throughout the three months of voting, over 13,000 users participated in the seven rounds of face-offs, doubling the number of voters since last year’s edition. The localities found near these mountain passes have, again, thrown their support behind the competition, encouraging fans to vote with the hope of being proclaimed winners.

Furthermore, with the aim of giving greater weight to the opinion of La Vuelta followers, the organisation has decided to declare the competition winner the Alberto Fernández Summit, which corresponds to each edition’s toughest climb.

All the voters now aspire to win two VIP access bracelets to attend the 16th stage, whose finish-line will be at La Cubilla, on the 9th of September. The winner will be chosen through a raffle of all voters and his/her name will be announced next week through the La Vuelta Facebook page.

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