The Province of Alicante will star in the official video of La Vuelta 19

April 29 th 2019 - 10:42

The Costa Blanca will be the main protagonist of the official La Vuelta 19 video. The film crew visited some of the province’s most emblematic locations this week in order to film the scenes that will make up this important audio-visual project.

Eduardo Dolón, Vice President and Delegate for Tourism Promotion pointed out that “to star in this project, which will be broadcast all over the world, is a unique opportunity for our municipalities as it will allow them to showcase their touristic and patrimonial wealth in thousands of homes”.

Making of videoclip oficial La Vuelta 19

Renowned rapper from Alicante, Arkano, will provide the music to this original video with his song ‘Otro intento más’, which speaks about personal growth and about the need to become the best version of ourselves. The Santa Bárbara Castle, in Alicante, the Xorret de Catí Natural Area and the Torrevieja Salt Mines are some of the spaces used to film the video, which will launch this May in Madrid.

Throughout the week, the crew also filmed in other municipalities such as Benidorm, Calp and Ibi. The video will last approximately one and a half minutes and will be broadcast on different TVE stations in the months leading up to the start of the Spanish tour.

          La Vuelta 19 will hold its three first stages on Alicante soil. With an unprecedented departure on Saturday the 24th of August from the Torrevieja Salt Mines, the event will cover over 60 municipalities and almost 400 kilometres of the province’s territory.

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