90% of fans believe that the passage of La Vuelta through their locality encourages tourism

April 7 th 2020 - 11:00 [GMT + 2]

[ENG] La Vuelta 19 - Social and tourism impact - University of Murcia

A group of researchers from the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the University of Murcia have created an independent report regarding the social and tourism impact of La Vuelta 19, whereby, through a series of scientifically validated questionnaires, they have reflected the perception and opinion of residents and tourists about La Vuelta’s passage through their municipalities.

The report has been created using the results provided in 5626 questionnaires (4585 by residents and 1041 by tourists) completed before, during and after the event. The questions aimed to determine the degree of satisfaction with the race of those surveyed with regards to a wide range of aspects: social, sports, environmental and economic, among others.


The social impact evaluates the perceptions and opinions of a locality’s residents regarding the economic, sporting, social and environmental repercussions produced by a sporting event in their community. Economically-speaking, 92% of those surveyed were in favour of the municipality investing public funds in order to host La Vuelta 19. 90.7% also considered that the race’s passage would encourage tourism to the locality and 90.3% believed it would have positive repercussions in local businesses.

Surveyed residents felt great excitement for the arrival of La Vuelta. Nine out of ten residents surveyed sensed that they were living an unusual experience having the race pass through their locality.

With regards to the sporting aspect, those surveyed defended the value of La Vuelta in terms of improving their municipality’s image. 95% declared that they believed La Vuelta would help give their locality a greater national presence, while 93.3% added that it would also improve their international image. Internally, 92.7% also felt that the race would help to promote sports among its young residents.

Regarding the future, participants were so satisfied with the experience of having La Vuelta in their municipality, that 94,6% of them would recommend that their friends and family go to see the event. This is a similar percentage to those who wish to have their municipality included in La Vuelta’s itinerary once again.


As far as the tourism aspect is concerned, the report shows that many people leave their hometowns in order to see La Vuelta. Trips are mainly family trips (70%) and involve travelling an average distance of 151km. The tourists that went to watch the race, valued La Vuelta very positively as an event. Key aspects such as the event personnel, logistics and the race’s general organisation, received an average score of 8.7 out of 10.

Nine out of ten tourists surveyed catalogued the municipalities along La Vuelta’s route as “tourist interest areas” while 92% were willing to return to the locality they had visited. 94% would recommend that their family and friends go visit the places they discovered thanks to the race.


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