Ciclos Cabello: new official La Vuelta store

August 5 th 2020 - 14:09 [GMT + 2]

Today, Ciclos Cabello and Unipublic, organiser of La Vuelta, came together in Cordoba to sign the agreement reached by both parties for the next four editions of La Vuelta. The company from Cordoba thus becomes the new official store of the Spanish tour, at least until 2023.

Ciclos Cabello will be the reference store for the purchase of official La Vuelta products and will feature an area exclusively dedicated to the Spanish tour in every one of its physical establishments and in its online store. In it, all official products linked to the race may be purchased: from the jerseys worn by the leaders of the various classifications to the entire range of official merchandise and cycling materials.

At Ciclos Cabello we are thrilled with this agreement. We are a company 100% dedicated to cycling and are now also involved with online sales. The endorsement of La Vuelta is what we needed in order to access the international market. With the occasion of La Vuelta, we will have very special prices and will hold very attractive competitions daily in order to capture the attention of those following the race”, explained an enthusiastic Antonio Cabello, president of Ciclos Cabello.

Unipublic’s General Director, Javier Guillén, wished to express his satisfaction at this agreement, signed with “one of Spain’s leading bicycle stores”. “Ciclos Cabello has almost four decades of experience under its belt, almost the same amount of time that Unipublic has been at the helm of La Vuelta. You could say that we have grown parallel to each other, in the same territory and around the wonderful sport that is cycling”, he added.

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