'Como un atleta', by Carlos Baute, official song of La Vuelta 20

August 28 th 2020 - 10:00 [GMT + 2]

'Como un atleta', by Carlos Baute, official song of La Vuelta 20

Como un atleta, by Carlos Baute, will be the official song of La Vuelta 20. The Venezuelan singer takes over from Alicante rapper Arkano and joins the long list of performers who have provided the soundtrack to the Spanish tour, ever since Sheyla and B. Devotion made the peloton dance to ‘Singing in the Rain’ in 1977.

With Carlos Baute’s participation in 2020, it will be the fourth time that a Latin artist sings the race’s official song. The first to do so was Cuban artist Gloria Estefan, with Conga, in 1987; seven years later, in 1994, Brazilian quartet Uakti did the same with Earth; and finally, Mexican artist Patricia Manterola, livened up the race with her iconic Que el ritmo no pare in 2002. “To be a part of something as major as La Vuelta is a great opportunity and an honour. La Vuelta is an event that represents hard work, overcoming challenges and has always been closely linked to music. I remember the great songs that have been part of La Vuelta’s official song history and I’m so happy to become a part of that lucky group”, confessed Carlos Baute.

Como un atleta is a happy, “danceable” song with a positive message. Accompanied by Latin rhythms, the lyrics talk about facing the problems life throws at us and overcoming them in order to continue growing, just as if we were athletes trying to overcome obstacles.

The official La Vuelta 20 video and the song’s videoclip will begin to be broadcast on the various RTVE channels starting this Sunday as a promotional preview of the race over the coming months and will be the introduction to the race’s broadcasting once La Vuelta officially begins on the 20th of October in Irún.

Carlos Baute, born in Caracas (Venezuela), has lived in Madrid for many years and will close the 75th edition of La Vuelta with his live performance once the 18th and final stage has come to an end, on the 8th of November, in Madrid.

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