La Vuelta and RTVE tour the province of Burgos with the official tv spot of La Vuelta 21

June 23 rd 2021 - 20:30 [GMT + 2]

Official TV Spot La Vuelta 21

The city of Burgos, official start of La Vuelta 21 and cycling world capital this coming August, has – logically – been chosen as the location for the presentation of La Vuelta 21’s official video. The race will dance to the rhythm of 1932, the song that will accompany the peloton during the Spanish tour’s 76th edition.  

The promotional video shows some of the main monuments and areas that will be covered by La Vuelta: the Burgos Cathedral, that will commemorate its 8th centenary this year; the Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos, the Archaeological Sites of Atapuerca, the locality of Caleruega, the Museum of Human Evolution and the remains of the Sad Hill Cemetery, among others. All of them will be seen, to the rhythm of the song by La M.O.D.A. and its instrumentation (acoustic guitar, drums, saxophone and accordion), one of the Burgos band’s signs of identity.  

The official TV spot of La Vuelta 21 will be played 300 times on the different RTVE channels over the next three months, beginning this weekend, coinciding with the start of the Tour de France. Likewise, the official song of La Vuelta will accompany the public entity’s daily re-broadcasting during the 21 stages of the Spanish tour.  

For the General Manager of La Vuelta, Javier Guillén, this video is “one of the many values” that compliment the race’s official departure. “One of our signs of identity and one of our longest traditions: over four decades of songs that serve as a guiding thread throughout the race, and also as a unique audio-visual accompaniment for each edition. We want spectators to start their summer eager for August to arrive so they can tour the Province of Burgos with La Vuelta”, he explained.

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