The ascent to Balcón de Alicante will be raced without public

Following the recomendations of the Generalitat Valenciana, and in agreement and coordination with our institutional partners of the Diputación de Alicante, due to the dryness that the area of ​​the ascent to Balcón de Alicante currently presents and to avoid any risk of fire, it has been decided to close the access to the climb to the finish line of stage 7 of La Vuelta 21 next Friday, August 20th.

The ascent to Balcón de Alicante is considered as a forest land in the Protected Area of the Serra del Maigmó and the Serra del Cit, which is part of the Red Natura 2000. The development of the stage, as planned, does not have an impact on forest lands and the indicated protected areas.

The cut-off point for the general public (whether on foot, bike or any electric or motor vehicle) will be at the beginning of the climb to Balcón de Alicante, once out of the road network.

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