La Vuelta 22 says goodbye to Holland after three stages full of emotions and unconditional love for cycling

388.3 kilometers have been covered by the competitors between the cities of Utrecht, ’s-Hertogenbosch and Breda. The adventure of La Vuelta Holanda comes to an end this Sunday after a week of celebrations and emotions. A week in which La Vuelta, teams and riders have been welcomed with an extraordinary affection, a warm closeness and an unconditional love for cycling by Dutch fans.

Around about one million of them gathered on the road sides.La Vuelta would like to thank in particular the cities of Utrecht, ’s-Hertogenbosch and Breda and all the members of the local committee for their dedication and efforts in making the official start of the 77th edition of the race possible.“The response by the warm and enthusiastic Dutch public has been very exciting.

We felt at home,” said Javier Guillén, general director of La Vuelta. “The project of La Vuelta Holanda has come true after two years of waiting and has exceeded our expectations. The Netherlands is a place that breathes cycling and a part of our heart stays here. We came to make history and we leave with one of the most incredible stories that, from La Vuelta’s perspective, we have ever experienced”, he concluded.From this Sunday La Vuelta moves to Vitoria to continue with three weeks of racing and 18 stages through the four cardinal points of the peninsula before arriving in Madrid on September 11.

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