RTVE and La Vuelta move to the beat of C’Mon C’Mon by Lorena Medina, The Inner Kids & Sophie Francis

June 28 th 2022 - 21:00 [GMT + 2]

 The Zarzuela Hippodrome, the departure location for the final stage of La Vuelta 20, was the place chosen to present the official video of La Vuelta 22 in the presence of the Mexican artist Lorena Medina, DJs The Inner Kids & Sophie Francis and Javier Guillén, General Director of the race. The competition will dance to the rhythm of C’mon C’mon, the official song that will accompany the peloton throughout the 77th edition of the Spanish tour.  


Official Video La Vuelta 22

The official song of La Vuelta is a unique sports and musical tradition with a history spanning over 40 years. However, C’mon C’mon marks a turning point in one of the race’s most representative features: it is the first time that several artists work together on a song for the event. With its upbeat rhythm and very danceable sound, the song’s melody and lyrics reflect the joy and enthusiasm that we will experience on the 19th of August at the official departure in the Netherlands and, later, throughout the entire country.  

Lorena Medina is the second Mexican artist to sing the official song of La Vuelta, after Patricia Manterola did so in 2002 with Que el ritmo no pare. It will also be the second time that Dutch artists set the rhythm for the race, this time at the hands of The Inner Kids and Sophie Francis. The two latter artists, along with Dannic, who will compose the official remix, represent the three host cities of La Vuelta 22’s three first stages (Utrecht, Breda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch).  

The launch of La Vuelta’s official video marks the start of an intense summer of cycling on Televisión Española. As usual, the video will air 300 times on the various different RTVE channels over the next three months, starting this weekend - coinciding with the start of the Tour de France. The official song of La Vuelta will also accompany the daily broadcast of all 21 stages of the Spanish tour on the public TV station.  

For Javier Guillén, Director of La Vuelta, this video is ‘a tradition that marks the history of our race’ and that complements the event’s official song. ‘This year, the video and the song come together perfectly to reflect the joy and the international character of the official departure from the Netherlands, as well as the strong, Latin character of Spain and La Vuelta,’ he explained.

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