2024 Desafío China By La Vuelta - Beijing Changping officially launched

The opening ceremony of 2024 Desafío China by La Vuelta - Beijing Changping was held at Courtyard by Marriott Beijing Changping, announcing that the event would take place from May 25th to 26th and the registration was open. From now, participants can register by searching for the key words of 2024 Desafío China by La Vuelta - Beijing Changping on the official partner’s APP named MARAMARA, or by accessing the registration process on the official social media accounts of the event.   

Additionally, Changping District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality outlined its strategic vision of making Changping District a leading district for cycling in Beijing, which aimed to promote the cycling culture in Changping District to inspire more people to fall in love with this sport and the district.  


Changping District, with its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is situated at the intersection of three major cultural belts in Beijing, encompassing world cultural treasures like the Ming Tombs and the Juyongguan Pass of Great Wall.  

Leveraging its superior natural environment and cultural richness, Changping District has long been a fertile ground for cycling. In recent years, it has developed a 42-kilometer cycling greenway and Beijing's first dedicated bike trails.  

Twelve thematic cycling routes have been released, such as Huitian District Unrestricted Tour, Cultural Tourism and Business District Tour, Northern Section of the Central Axis Tour, Art Tour and Ancient Ruins Tour. Among them, the Mountain, Forest and Art Tours were successfully selected as one of the Top 10 Cycling Routes for Outdoor Activities in China in 2023.  

Additionally, Changping actively introduced renowned cycling events such as La Vuelta, attracting cycling fans from around the world to experience the joy and freedom of cycling. Leveraging its robust cycling resource advantages and profound cycling sports heritage, Changping District aims to make it a leading district for cycling in Beijing by focusing on five dimensions, including road, facility, culture, industry, and operation.          


Originating in 1935, La Vuelta has earned international reputation and is regarded as one of the Three Grand Tours of road cycling. La Vuelta is benchmark race that has extended its borders since its early editions when it only covered Spanish territory and brings together the best riders in the world. This year the race starts in Portugal. In its 2023 edition, La Vuelta crossed three countries, including Spain, France and Andorra and had over more than 900 journalists from 30 nationalities and 266 media outlets. It also reached 190 countries and featured 18 live broadcasters.  

On June 17 to 18, 2023, the first Desafío China by La Vuelta - Beijing Changping was held in Beijing Changping, marking its debut in China. It showcased the original essence of the event to cycling fans, generating widespread participation and attention from the surrounding areas, establishing itself as a highly influential cycling event in China.  

2024 Desafío China by La Vuelta - Beijing Changping will continue the theme of Cycling and Encountering, aiming to convey the attitude of encountering the courage to challenge themselves and break through the limit, the physical and mental relaxation in the nature, the meaning of sustainability, their better selves, and a better tomorrow through cycling.  

The competition is scheduled to take place on May 25 to 26, 2024, in Beijing Changping District. It includes various distinctive events such as Criterium, Team Time Trial, Family Fun Ride on May 25, and Road Race on May 26. Apart from Family Fun Ride, the other three events will be timed and scored according to the China Bicycle Association's regulations on cycling competitions. Participants will receive event medals upon completing the races.

Criterium, Team Time Trial and Family Fun Ride scheduled for May 25th will adopt a circular format with each lap covering 5 kilometers. Criterium and Team Time Trial will involve a total of 5 laps, accumulating to 26,2 kilometers, while Family Fun Ride will not be timed. The starting and finishing points for these events are located at the Future Science City Sports Center in Changping District. The route stretches through Future Science City Avenue, Future Science City Road, Yingcai North Second Street, and Future Science City East Road. All three events, Criterium, Team Time Trial and Family Fun Ride, are open to the public, aiming to allow cycling fans to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and professional experience of the competition.

On May 26th, the Road Race will cover a distance of 95,5 kilometers, with an overall elevation gain of 730 meters. The starting and finishing points remain at the Future Science City Sports Center in Changping District. The route passes through classical sections featuring historical cobblestone roads, offers panoramic views of valleys and distant mountains, and showcases the scenic beauty of Wangbai Road and Wangbai Road Tunnel. The overall difficulty level of the race is intermediate, featuring a Category 3 climb of 7.46 kilometers at an average gradient of 4.2% and a Category 4 climb of 2.65 kilometers at an average gradient of 3.7%. The maximum gradient on the route reaches 16.7%. In the Road Race, legendary cyclists will ride alongside participants, sharing their passion for cycling and experiencing the pure essence of La Vuelta.  

At the end of the opening ceremony, the leaders of organizers, co-organizers, and supporting units jointly announced the official launch of the event and the competition was open for registration, symbolizing a deeper connection between La Vuelta and China. With strong support from Changping District, there will be a grand event delivered to cycling fans.


For registrations and further information regarding the 2024 Desafío China by La Vuelta – Beijing Changping visit the event’s official website: www.lvbeijingtour.com

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