RTVE and Miss Caffeina present ‘Cuando acabe el verano’, the official song of La Vuelta 24

RTVE and Miss Caffeina have presented the official song of La Vuelta 24: Cuando acabe el verano. The public TV station’s headquarters at Torrespaña hosted the launch of the melody that will accompany La Vuelta’s peloton from the Grand Departure in Lisbon, Oeiras and Cascais, on the 17th of August, right up until the Grand Finale in Madrid on the 8th of September.  

‘For us, it’s an honour to become a part of La Vuelta’s official song history. We have memories attached to many of them and to some summers in particular. It’s important, it’s something that lives on in your memory and that’s what we’ve always wanted for our music,’ said the members of Miss Caffeina. Speaking about Cuando acabe el verano, they affirmed that: ‘It’s a very direct, very energetic song, we understood the feeling that the race wished to convey as well as what was expected of us so we decided to fill our song with energy, guitars and a little bit of nostalgia. The song talks about summer memories, when La Vuelta was playing in our homes as we were growing up, evolving and learning to understand the world around us.’  

Formed in 2005, this band has a vast musical history behind it, having already released six studio albums. Its members, Alberto Jiménez, Sergio Sastre and Antonio Poza, know what it’s like to attend some of Spain’s most famous music festivals, such as Sonorama Ribera, FIB, Low Festival and Arenal Sound. In 2024, they also participated in Benidorm Fest, even reaching the final with their song Bla bla bla. Now, the alternative pop band from Madrid will set the rhythm for La Vuelta.  

From Madrid to Portugal, the band has a special relationship with our neighbouring country that will host the race’s Grand Departure. Miss Caffeina was one of only two Spanish bands that played at the Rock In Río festival in Lisbon in 2022 and one of its most popular songs, Reina, has been re-recorded in Portuguese by the band itself.  

‘Miss Caffeina is a band that’s brimming with energy and vitality, something that coincides perfectly with the spirit of the race,’ says Charles Ojalvo, La Vuelta’s Director of Sponsorship and Public Relations. ‘In an edition featuring such a special Grand Departure as this one, it’s great to have a band that links Spain to our neighbouring country, just as our race does,’ he added.

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