RTVE and La Vuelta pay tribute to cycling fans in the official video featuring Miss Caffeina’s ‘Cuando acabe el verano’

On Wednesday, RTVE’s installations in Torrespaña hosted the presentation of the official video of La Vuelta 24 in the presence of Alberto Jiménez, Sergio Sastre and Antonio Poza, the members of Miss Caffeina, María Eizaguirre, RTVE Director of Communication and Participation, and Charles Ojalvo, Director of Sponsorship and Public Relations for La Vuelta. This year’s edition will pedal to the rhythm of Cuando acabe el verano.

La Vuelta will, once again, take off from abroad in 2024 – this time from Lisbon, Oeiras and Cascais, in Portugal. To honour this special edition, Miss Caffeina has created Cuando acabe el verano, a song inspired by the memories of their youth and by the many summers spent with La Vuelta playing on TV in millions of homes all over the world.

The video is a tribute to La Vuelta fans who, year after year, watch the Spanish tour on TV and from the roadsides throughout the months of August and September, thus marking the end of summer. In it, fans are shown riding on their bikes, attending the race and enjoying the beautiful sceneries along the peloton’s route. They eventually join Miss Caffeina to the tune of their official song while, in the background, we relive the unforgettable finish-lines, hugs and landscapes that have marked the history of La Vuelta.

Cuando acabe el verano is a direct and energetic song that, through its enthusiasm and its guitars, conveys a touch of nostalgia for the spirit of la Vuelta – a race that lives each and every kilometre thoroughly and intensely, combining the wealth of its history with innovation in every edition.

The official song of La Vuelta has become one of our race’s signs of identity, with a musical and sporting tradition spanning over more than 45 years. Ever since French artists Sheila and B. Devotion provided La Vuelta with its very first official song in 1977, Singing in the rain, many national and international artists have followed suit making their own musical marks on the race.

As in previous years, the launch of La Vuelta’s official video marks the start of an intense summer of cycling on RTVE. The video will air 300 times on the various RTVE channels over the next three months, starting on Saturday, the 29th of June, with the start of the Tour de France from Florence and concluding on the 8th of September, marking the end of La Vuelta. The official song of La Vuelta will also accompany the daily broadcast of all 21 stages of the Spanish tour on the public TV station. This live multichannel event will take place on Televisión Española, Radio Nacional, RTVE.es and RTVE Play, and will be complemented by special programmes and chronicles, reports, interviews on the news and on RTVE’s social media. Over 100 professionals will transmit everything that happens on the Spanish tour to homes all over the country and the world.

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