2019 Edition

Stages won 0
Overall ranking 15
Competitors in race 8
Sporting managers : KONYCHEV Dmitri / FLORENCIO Xavier https://www.teamkatushaalpecin.com


Heir to Tinkoff’s original project, the Russian Global Cycling Project’s star team was born in the 2009 season. Its debut in the Vuelta would take place a year later, in 2010. Since then, their riders have been known for their fighting spirit and their great mountain climbs, led almost always by the Catalan rider Joaquim Rodríguez. Purito has three podiums in the general classification of La Vuelta under his belt, wearing the different Katusha jerseys to which we must add the third place obtained by Ilnur Zakarin in 2017.

Dani Moreno (2011 and 2013), Denis Menchov (2012. La Bola del Mundo) and Sergey Lagutin (2016, La Camperona) have also added important victories to the tally for a team that will, once again, aim to be at the front of the peloton from the departure of this year’s edition in Torrevieja.

  • Final victory0
  • Stages victories13
  • Red jerseys18
  • Other races Won4

Overall victories: 0  


Stage victories: 13

2010: Joaquim Rodríguez, in Peña Cabarga.

2011: Dani Moreno, in Sierra Nevada.

2011: Joaquim Rodríguez, in Valdepeñas de Jaén and at San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

2012: Joaquim Rodríguez, in Jaca, Dumbría. Mirador de Ézaro and at the top of the Puerto de Ancares.

2012: Denis Menchov, in the Bola del Mundo.

2013: Dani Moreno, in Fisterra and in Valdepeñas de Jaén.

2013: Joaquim Rodríguez, in Oviedo. Alto del Naranco.

2015: Joaquim Rodríguez, in Sostres. Cabrales.

2016: Sergey Lagutin, at the top of La Camperona. Valle de Sabero.


Leader jersey: 18 days

2010: Joaquim Rodríguez, 2 days.

2011: Joaquim Rodríguez, 1 day.

2012: Joaquim Rodríguez, 13 days.

2013: Dani Moreno, 1 day.

2015: Joaquim Rodríguez, 1 day.


Victories in secondary classifications: 4

2010: Team Katusha (teams).

2011: Team Katusha (teams).

2014: Team Katusha (teams).

2015: Joaquim Rodríguez (combined classification).


8 : Stages victories of Joaquim “Purito” Rodríguez for the team.



September 8th, 2012: Denis Menchov wins at the top of La Bola del Mundo, 5 years after his victory in the overall clasification of La Vuelta.

September 13th, 2015: 2nd place on the podium for Joaquim Rodríguez who improved his 3rd position of 2012.

September 9th, 2017: Ilnur Zakarin strengthens its 3º place in GC after a spectacular climb to the Angliru.

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