Fragata Olives and La Vuelta extend their sponsorship agreement until 2021

July 3 rd 2019 - 12:00

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Fragata Olives and Unipublic, organiser of La Vuelta, have extended the sponsorship agreement that binds them since 2012. By signing this contract, Fragata remains an official sponsor of La Vuelta until at least 2021.

In its seven years as a La Vuelta sponsor, the Spanish brand, a leader in the sale of olives worldwide, has implemented several activations with the aim of bringing its products closer to the public. Besides having two cars in the advertising caravan, Fragata Olives has also held promotional activities at both the starting and finish lines. Having covered almost 20,000 km distributing olives among all the fans that wait by the side of the road, the brand is already an emblem within the race’s advertising peloton.

Juan Carlos Sánchez, Director of Marketing and Communications for Ángel Camacho Alimentación, explains the two aspects that make this sponsorship so attractive to Fragata: “We love being linked to La Vuelta for its popular and friendly character. With this race, we are able to take our brand to every part of Spain’s geography. Also, the fact that La Vuelta is becoming increasingly more international, as is its media coverage, is something that really appeals to us. Our brand Fragata and our olives have a global character, as they are sold in over 90 countries”.

On his part, Javier Guillén, General Director of Unipublic, expressed his satisfaction with the contract’s renewal. “With this extension, Fragata and La Vuelta guarantee to work together for - at least - a decade. Both brands share similar values. We both aim to become benchmarks in our respective sectors, we have the vocation to continue growing and we look to expand beyond our borders”, he explained.


Fragata Olives is close to celebrating its first centenary. The brand was registered in 1925. Over 90 years later, it continues to be a flagship of the food company Ángel Camacho Alimentación. The 100% family-run company, based in Morón de la Frontera (Seville) but with a wide international network, has various well-known brands under its belt, including La Vieja Fábrica, Susarón and Fragata. Currently, Fragata is present in over 90 countries. Its product portfolio, including its extensive variety of olives, consists of pickled goods, oils and other Mediterranean specialties. Under the Fragata brand, the word “olive” has already been translated into 40 languages.

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