La Vuelta 19 will commence at one of the salt mountains in the Torrevieja Natural Park

March 1 st 2019 - 10:38

La Vuelta’s sports and logistics directors visit the Torrevieja Salt Mines, the location of the official departure of La Vuelta 19, in the company of Eduardo Dolón, the Vice President of the Alicante Provincial Council and the Tourism Representative

Last week, an important coordination meeting took place with all the municipalities through which La Vuelta 19 would pass during stages 2 and 3. During this meeting, various issues regarding logistics and road safety within the Province of Alicante were discussed.

“It’s official. The departure of La Vuelta 19 will take place at one of the salt mountains found in the Lagoons of La Mata and Torrevieja Natural Park”. The Vice President and Tourist Promotion Representative thus confirmed it upon his visit to the area with the La Vuelta organisation team, during which they reviewed the location in order to confirm whether or not the idea was technically viable.

La Vuelta 19 will take off on Saturday, the 24th of August from the extraordinary Torrevieja Salt Mines with an 18-kilometre team time trial. “We’ve been given the green light by the La Vuelta delegation, headed by its technical director, Fernando Escartín. We also have the support of the relevant authorities and have obtained confirmation from the Natural Park, meaning that everything’s ready for the start of the race”, explained the area’s representative. “The official departure from the extraordinary salt mountains found here will be one of La Vuelta’s most original departures yet. The contrast of the white mineral with the pink salt mine natural park is sure to provide us with some unforgettable images that will go down in history. We can’t wait for that day to arrive”, said Fernando Escartín.

Over the past few days, preparations have also included various work meetings with the Alicante municipalities that La Vuelta will pass through during stages 2 and 3. Logistical operations, traffic and road safety, public access points and promotional areas were among the issues discussed in these meetings, which stood out especially by the willingness of the towns involved to cooperate.

“Intense week of work between the Alicante Provincial Council and Unipublic, during which we outlined the configuration of the three stages that will run through our province”, said Dolón, who also added that “these sessions have helped us to get coordinated, polish the details and pinpoint the specific needs of each and every one of our localities”.

Cover photo: Alberto Casanova

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