Europcar, safe mobility for La Vuelta 20

October 5 th 2020 - 10:30 [GMT + 2]

Europcar, the car and van hire company, part of the Europcar Mobility Group, has renewed its contract for the 12th consecutive year as an official supplier of La Vuelta, which celebrates its 75th edition this year. Europcar offers its services to the race with 110 vehicles(vans, convertible cars and passenger vehicles), that will make it possible to transfer part of the organisation, the media and the sponsors that travel with the race every day.


Europcar has multiplied the cleanliness and hygiene measures of its vehicles and offices since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, in accordance with the health authorities’ recommendations. This includes a strict cleaning protocol of all vehicles and car hire offices, which involves the systematic use of disinfectant. All vehicles that will be used by La Vuelta will adhere to this protocol and will be handed over under the “zero contact” policy (the keys will be given to the organisation disinfected and in a sealed envelope), so that the race can take place in complete security and the personnel, the media and the sponsors can all travel with peace of mind. The security protocols to be followed by these vehicles will be audited by Bureau Veritas, have been certified by AENOR and have received the stamp of “COVID-19 Protected Space” from FENEVAL (National Vehicle Hire With and Without Driver Federation)


Unipublic, organiser of La Vuelta, has been working for months adapting the protocols to the context of the health crisis provoked by the COVID-19 virus. These protocols outline, in great detail, the health security framework in which the race’s 2020 edition will take place. The teams, sponsors, organisation and media will be subject to strict sanitary measures, starting with the mandatory compliance with basic regulations, based on personal responsibility, such as the use of face masks in all public spaces used by La Vuelta, frequent handwashing and the minimum compulsory interpersonal safety distance that must be respected at all times.

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