Ackermann: “I’m happy to give something back to my team”

October 29 th 2020 - 17:58 [GMT + 1]

Pascal Ackermann (Bora-Hansgrohe): “I didn’t expect to win because Sam [Bennett] was ahead but when I saw the video, it wasn’t a fair action from him. After all the crashes of the last weeks, we have to take care of the other guys. If there is no hole, we have to stop. I feel sorry for Sam but I totally understand we have to ride in a more fair way. I’m really happy about this victory. My team did an amazing job today and I’m happy to give something back. Last time, we paid too much attention to Quick Step so this time we did our own thing and I’m really really happy we did it. I was really disappointed last time, we had so much bad luck in the last weeks and now we make it.”

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