'1932 from Burgos band La M.O.D.A, is the official song of La Vuelta 21

May 13 th 2021 - 12:45 [GMT + 2]

The song ‘1932’, from the Burgos band La M.O.D.A, will be the official song of La Vuelta 21. For the first time in the race’s history, a group from Burgos will sing the song that will accompany the race all the way from its departure from the Burgos Cathedral on the 14th of August, to its arrival in Santiago de Compostela on the 5th of September.

La M.O.D.A is the first group to sing the official song since 2017, when Maldita Nerea accompanied the peloton with ‘Bailarina’. During the last 3 editions, only solo artists have performed the official La Vuelta songs: Nuria Fergó (‘La vida son sólo dos días’), Arkano (‘Otro intento más’) and Carlos Baute (‘Como un atleta’).

'1932' is a very special song, with a very particular instrumentation that characterises the band and includes, among others, accordions, saxophones and mandolins. Evoking an air of nostalgia, the music and lyrics transport us to the early 1930s (where the first edition of La Vuelta was conceived – in 1935) with a touch of melancholy dedicated to the memory of our elders.

Difficult to classify, La M.O.D.A employs styles ranging from indie to rock, with arrangements more reminiscent of folk and punk. Born at the start of the last decade, the band’s 7 members have been together for 10 years. They began their journey in Burgos and have, since, become a reference among the nation’s youth.

For the General Manager of La Vuelta, Javier Guillén, the election of ‘1932’ is a “turning point” in the history of the race’s songs. “It speaks to a young audience, in a style we haven’t used very much until now. It’s a mature song, that deals with memories and reflections, and speaks of a tough period but also a special one for us because it’s the decade that saw the birth of our race”, he explained. For the group La M.O.D.A, “It’s an honour to be the ones in charge of providing the music for La Vuelta 21. We’re thrilled that they thought of us for this very special La Vuelta tradition”.


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