La Vuelta is a leading event in terms of social and touristic perception

December 10 th 2021 - 11:00 [GMT + 1]

A group of researchers from the Faculty of Science and Sport in the University of Murcia has created a new independent report regarding the social and touristic impact of La Vuelta 21 whereby, a series of scientifically validated surveys and questionnaires has reflected the perception and opinion of residents and tourists regarding La Vuelta’s visit to their municipalities. It is the second study of its kind to be carried out by the entity, that already presented its conclusions following the 2019 edition of the Spanish Grand Tour. 

The report has been created using 6887 questionnaires completed before, during and after the event. These questionnaires were designed to learn the participants’ degree of satisfaction with La Vuelta with regards to its social, sports, environmental and economic impact, among others. 


One of the report highlights is the excellent social perception surveyed residents had regarding the race’s visit to their municipalities. 95.4% of the residents who went to see the race wanted La Vuelta to return to their locality in the future.This figure increased among surveyed residents upon the event’s conclusion. Likewise, 95.1% of those surveyed said that they would attend another event of its kind in the future if it took place in their municipality. Furthermore, 93.4% of those surveyed would recommend attending La Vuelta to friends and family if given the opportunity. 


The majority of tourists who went to watch the peloton ride by were from Spain. Specifically, 98% of visitors were nationals and travelled an average of 131.5 kilometres to watch a stage of La Vuelta live. One out of every four tourists also spent the night in the locality they were visiting.  

The groups that travelled to watch the race were, mainly, family groups. 73.5% of the groups of fans that attended La Vuelta consisted of family units. Among those tourists, two out of every three went to local restaurants and 75% promoted their presence in the municipality on social media.

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