The organisation of La Vuelta 21 will be dressed by Würth MODYF, new official supplier of the race

June 9 th 2021 - 10:30 [GMT + 2]

Würth MODYF, a brand that specialises in work wear, corporate uniforms and safety footwear joins the La Vuelta family as a new official supplier of the race. The German brand, internationally renowned as one of the most efficient and prestigious in its sector, will design the new La Vuelta uniform and will dress all the race’s organisation staff. It will also provide specialised safety footwear for any workers who require it in order to perform their jobs. Würth MODYF has extensive experience in the design and creation of corporate uniforms, work wear and safety footwear, using cutting-edge materials in its manufacturing process. Its ample product catalogue allows it to provide its services to leading companies in a variety of sectors, particularly those involving sports and other events.

During each edition of La Vuelta, around 3000 people have to travel every day. 350 of those people belong to the organisation nucleus in its various functions: assembly, security, technical services, access control, etc. All these workers require their own uniforms, in accordance with their positions.

When it comes to designing the garments, both Würth MODYF and Unipublic have agreed that this joint project is to be carried out taking into account strict sustainability policies and respect for the environment. Würth Modyf and La Vuelta are both references in this regard, each in their respective fields.

The agreement with Unipublic to provide the uniforms and safety footwear for La Vuelta’s organisation staff clearly manifests our commitment to this sport and to the people who make it possible everyday”, explained Juan Carlos Masip, General Manager of Würth MODYF. “We are aware that many of our clients all over the world practice, follow, or are simply fans of cycling, and we believe it is important for our products and for our brand image to be present at international events such as La Vuelta”, he concluded.

The General Manager of La Vuelta, Javier Guillén, highlighted the value of an agreement of these characteristics: “Uniforms are essential on an internal level, but also externally. It makes the organisation’s work easier, provides clarity, comfort and, more importantly, improves security. This agreement is yet another step towards La Vuelta’s professionalisation, modernisation and ambition to keep on growing as a race”, he added.

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