"C'mon C'mon" by Lorena Medina, The Inner Kids & Sophie Francis is the official song of La Vuelta 22

June 10 th 2022 - 11:00 [GMT + 2]

The song C’Mon C’Mon, by Lorena Medina, The Inner Kids & Sophie Francis will be the official song of La Vuelta 22. It is the first time in the history of the race that several artists come together to perform the official song.  

For the second time in the race’s history, a Mexican singer will sing the song that will accompany the peloton from their departure in Utrecht on the 19th of August to their arrival in Madrid on the 11th of September. It will also be the second time that Dutch artists provide the beat - The Inner Kids, Sophie Francis for the song and Dannic for the remix.  

Originally from Mexico City, Lorena Medina takes the baton from Patricia Manterola who, with her Que el ritmo no pare, was the only Mexican artist until now to sing La Vuelta’s official song. Carlos Baute (Como un atleta, in 2020) was the last Latino artist to sing it. The Netherlands, on the other hand, has not formed part of this tradition since the Vengaboys in 1998, with their song Up and down.  

C’Mon C’Mon is a song that is full of rhythm and is easy to dance to – one that reflects the joy and enthusiasm that the artists have put into this project. “To come together and create this song for La Vuelta has been an incredible experience. We are thrilled to be a part of this family and eager to start celebrating with you all.” 

The song will feature an official remix, with a more techno feel, thanks to Dannic, a Dutch DJ who has been among the world’s Top 20 for five consecutive years. Dannic, born in Breda, along with The Inner Kids (Utrecht) and Sophie Francis ('s-Hertogenbosch) will represent the three Dutch cities that will host the first three stages of La Vuelta 22. 

For Javier Guillén, Director of La Vuelta, the song C’Mon C’Mon perfectly represents the unique character of the official departure of La Vuelta 22 from the Netherlands.  “Lorena Medina is the happy, Latin character that represents Spain and La Vuelta, while the participation of The Inner Kids and Sophie Francis, along with Dannic’s remix, reflect Holland’s enthusiasm for this project. It’s a celebration made into a song”, he concluded. 

The song will be revealed in its entirety at the end of this month, during the presentation of the official video. This promotional clip will begin to be aired on the different RTVE channels, coinciding with the start of the Tour de France 2022.

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