A colossal Vuelta

Every edition of La Vuelta tries to remain faithful to its innovative spirit, its desire for internationalisation and its traditional character, resulting from its 88-year history. That is why, when designing the route for La Vuelta 2023, we wished to create a product that was “100% Vuelta” – one that combines our past, our present and our future. And what we have come up with is, frankly, a colossal Vuelta.  

Barcelona, the exceptional host of our Official Departure, combines everything we are looking for: a past steeped in tradition, with the Olympic Games as a sporting reference for the city’s development; a present as one of the world’s leading capitals; and a future where cycling is an ever-increasing mode of transport. La Vuelta’s passage through Barcelona will showcase the city’s many wonders to over 190 countries, including: the Olympic Port, its coastline, its diagonal street, the Sagrada Familia and the emblematic Montjuic Stadium.  

The route of La Vuelta 23 is woven together by large colossi – ones that have given our race its very own, unique identity in the past… and that continue to do so today. 2023 is the year that renowned mountain passes, climbs and locations give the next edition’s route its gigantic character. 2023 is the year of Andorran mountains, of the Angliru, of Larrau, of Javalambre, of Xorret de Catí and of one of the summits with the longest history in the world of cycling, the Col du Tourmalet. All of these places will take us on an international journey through three countries: Spain, France and Andorra.  

But if there is one particularity that makes La Vuelta so attractive in recent years, it is our discovery of new, unprecedented climbs – new places that have since gone down in our race’s history. And in that respect, Asturias, is a mine. To these recent discoveries, we must add an unprecedented arrival this year: Cruz de Linares, which we will climb twice.   

Everything has been established and organised to ensure that the overall winner will be decided in the second-last stage. The day will begin at Manzanares el Real and conclude in Guadarrama, and include all the mountain passes you could possibly imagine – no less than 10 3rd category climbs. This classic route will be the final one before the grand finale in Madrid. As this year’s edition takes off from Barcelona, it simply would not make sense to end it anywhere else.  

Enjoy these pages and immerse yourself in the route of La Vuelta 23: International, full of emblematic mountains, some of which have made history, and others that are sure to do so. From Barcelona to Madrid - a truly colossal Vuelta.

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