Estopa’s song ‘Corazón sin salida’ will be the official song of La Vuelta 23

This Thursday, both the band and the name of the official song of La Vuelta 23 were revealed at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell – 70th Conde de Godó Trophy. The song ‘Corazón sin salida’ by Estopa will accompany the peloton during this year’s edition of the race, that will depart from Barcelona on the 26th of August and conclude in Madrid on the 17th of September.

At the presentation held today, the members of Estopa declared: ‘We’re thrilled to sing the official song, as we’re both very nostalgic about La Vuelta and huge cycling fans.’ The brothers, José Manuel and David Muñoz, both from Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona), expressed their satisfaction at being able to link their artistic work to one of the Spain’s most important sporting competitions, and hope that it will become one of the summer’s most popular songs.

For David Escudé, the Councillor for Sports for the Barcelona City Council, the city that will house the race’s official departure, ‘it’s an honour to have the official song of La Vuelta 23 be from one of Barcelona’s most popular, best-selling bands of all time. Estopa is a shot of joy and optimism and the song “Corazón sin salida”, in particular, conveys intense emotions and fits in perfectly with the spirit of La Vuelta.’

With a trajectory of over two decades behind them, Estopa is one of the most popular and admired bands in Spanish music. With their first record ‘Estopa’ (1999), the Muñoz brothers (David, the singer, and José Manuel, the guitarist) sold 2 million copies, setting the record for the highest-selling debut album in Spain. It was also incredibly successful in South America. The more than 6 million records sold throughout their career have consolidated Estopa’s status as the predecessors of urban rhumba and as an inspiration for new generations. Estopa is the very essence of Barcelona’s rhumba, and its strong ties to the city make this partnership all the more perfect.

Their style, a combination of flamenco and urban rhumba, has become their calling card throughout their lengthy career and connects them to some their own greatest musical inspirations. In fact, they grew up singing along to Camarón and Los Chunguitos, are huge admirers of such singer-songwriters as Joaquín Sabina and Joan Manuel Serrat and are also sometimes influenced by the rock of Extremoduro, rap and even hip-hop.

Javier Guillén, the General Director of La Vuelta, reminded attendees that, ‘a leading city such as Barcelona needed a leading band for its official song.’ He added that, ‘Estopa, much like La Vuelta, is an important reference within our country, which makes this partnership ideal. Through this song and the official video, we’ll showcase Barcelona’s best sights to the world, as well as one of our country’s most emblematic bands.’  


Even though ‘Corazón sin salida’ was forged during lockdown, it is an energetic song that compares the average person’s race against time with a team time trial or a mountain stage, as happens during any stage of La Vuelta, tying in perfectly with the spirit of the race. This single, which formed part of their record ‘Fuego’, the latest by the Muñoz brothers released in 2019, projects freshness, ingenuity, lyricism, imagination, humour and all the carefree confidence that has characterised the Catalan duo since their early days. In fact, its original video, directed by Fran Gas, is happy and colourful. In order to make it, all the musicians had to participate live from their own lockdown locations. Now, this song will be the star of another video: the official video of La Vuelta 23, that will be presented in the month of June and will begin to be broadcast on the various RTVE channels, coinciding with the start of the Tour de France 2023.

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