Do you want to ride on the same routes as the professional riders do?

Experience the spirit of a stage race, climb up the most terrific mountains, enjoy competing with other enthusiastic athletes from all around the world or just have fun riding with your friends. Becoming part of La Vuelta has never been easier - join La Vuelta Virtual and experience all of this!

LA VUELTA Announces ROUVY as an Exclusive Virtual Cycling Partner for 2021-2023

We are bringing the passion for cycling to your home. All you need is an indoor trainer and the ROUVY app.

Find out more about how to explore real routes from La Vuelta.

ROUVY makes it possible

ROUVY is an indoor cycling app that makes exploring real outdoor places from your home possible, via the Augmented Reality technology. All you need to do to experience the real routes from your home, is to connect the indoor trainer to the ROUVY app.

ROUVY How it works

ROUVY simulates the outdoor conditions in your indoor environment - simply by taking into consideration the slope of the outdoor route, your weight and height - making sure your indoor experience is as close to the outdoor one as possible.

Explore La Vuelta's Routes from your home

Dive into the world of Augmented Reality and ride on real routes of La Vuelta from your home. Enjoy the most exciting segments of the stages on ROUVY.


La Vuelta Virtual is about connecting with the professional riders, providing every athlete with the opportunity to feel like a pro competing in the Grand Tour.

Experience the spirit of a stage race, have fun with your friends and join the enthusiastic cycling community while riding on the real routes from La Vuelta.

STAGE 2 | Burgos. Gamonal | 15/08 | JOIN HERE!

STAGE 4 | Molina de Aragón | 17/08 | JOIN HERE!

STAGE 6 | Alto de la Montaña de Cullera | 19/08 | JOIN HERE!

STAGE 11 | Valdepeñas de Jaén | 25/08 | JOIN HERE!

STAGE 12 | Córdoba | 26/08 | JOIN HERE!

La Vuelta Virtual

Becoming part of La Vuelta Virtual is about becoming a member of the cycling community which likes exploring new places, getting inspired by others, keeping pushing the limits.

Join La Vuelta Virtual, ride on real Spanish routes and have fun!


ROUVY is one of the globally popular software applications used by the international cycling community for indoors. The augmented reality platform is #1 in a realistic simulation of outdoor rides and road feel. It enables cyclists and triathletes to create custom routes, bike the planet indoors, compete in online races and manage training data. Added to an endless variety of courses and year-round motivational challenges, ROUVY provides an authentic virtual racing platform for event organizers.

There is a 14-day Free Trial period, for new ROUVY users, which does NOT require you to sign up with your credit/debit card. You can choose from 3 different plans, starting at 12 USD/month, after the Free Trial period is over.

1.     Display: Enjoy ROUVY routes on Windows PC, Mac, Apple TV, mobile phone or tablet.

2.     Trainer: Smart bike trainer, direct-dirve trainer or classic direct-drive.

3.     Bike: You can use either your road bike or your mountain bike

You can check if your indoor trainer is compatible with ROUVY here

If you want to ride on La Vuelta stages, you will have to register on the ROUVY website. Races start at 17:00 UTC and are running the same day as the pros riding it in the morning.

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