Bringing the routes of La Vuelta to your home

Unpredictable, unconventional, hot, brutal and gripping. There is no other race like La Vuelta.

Partnering with La Vuelta, ROUVY is the only indoor cycling app that lets you ride the routes of this iconic Spanish race from your home all year long. 

Enjoy the thrills, sights and emotions of this unique event with realistic high quality video routes. Get fitter, have fun and follow in the paths of the pros.Keep going with ROUVY and feel the heat of La Vuelta!

Combining sport and technology, ROUVY is the #1 indoor cycling app for a realistic and immersive video experience, with over 1300 AR routes around the world to choose from.

In the summer 2023, ROUVY has introduced 11 new routes of La Vuelta Virtual 2023 on the app, in addition to the existing routes from previous years. Now you can ride every stage of La Vuelta '23.

What’s more, all riders can use the special 1-month offer to ride for free. Register at and use the code LAVUELTA1M at checkout. The code is valid until 30.6.2024



If you're looking for the freedom to ride anytime and anywhere on realistic video routes, then ROUVY is here for you. Our app enables you to get fitter, train, have fun and explore the world, whatever the weather outside.

ROUVY offers a wide variety of terrains and gradients, challenges, group rides, special events, customized avatars and training plans to suit all levels.

All you need is a smart trainer, a screen and the ROUVY app – and then you can begin riding the stages of La Vuelta, the iconic routes of Europe and exotic locations around the world.

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ROUVY is a globally popular software application used by the international indoor-cycling community. The Augmented Reality platform is the #1 app in the realistic simulation of outdoor rides and road feel. It enables cyclists and triathletes to: create custom routes; cycle the planet indoors; compete in online races; partake in group rides with pros; and manage training data. Added to an endless variety of courses and year-round motivational challenges, ROUVY provides an authentic virtual racing platform for cyclists.

There is a 14-day free trial period, for new ROUVY users, which does NOT require you to sign up with your credit/debit card. You can choose from 3 different plans, starting at $12/month, after the free trial period is over.

  1. Display: Enjoy ROUVY routes on Windows PC, Mac, Apple TV, mobile phone or tablet.
  2. Trainer: Smart bike trainer, direct-drive trainer or classic direct-drive.
  3. Bike: You can use either your road bike or your mountain bike.

You can check if your indoor trainer is compatible with ROUVY here

If you want to ride on La Vuelta stages, you will have to register on the ROUVY website. Races will take place in four different time zones, giving you plenty of chance to race at the same time as the pros.

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