Green cycling

Cycling is a sport that is very closely linked to the natural environment in which it takes place. Every year, La Vuelta implements and improves the ways in which it can leave less of an environmental footprint in the natural territories that it passes through.

Children and cycling

A healthy sport is one that you begin practicing at a very early age. No sport can have any hope for a future if there are no children practicing it. That is why we have spent almost a decade promoting La Vuelta Junior Cofidis, an initiative that combines nutrition, road safety, healthy lifestyle habits and a lot of cycling.

Cycling and road safety

Bicycles are an increasingly more common element in urban landscapes and on roads all over Spain. It is a clean, healthy and fast mode of transport that can be used every day. However, at La Vuelta we know that where we really need to focus our energy is on road safety, which is why we carry out activities in order to raise awareness regarding the presence of cyclists on the roads.

Cycling and solidarity

La Vuelta is a well-loved and recognisable brand within the entire Spanish territory. For us, it is a duty to make the most of this influence in order to help those who need it the most. With this is mind, La Vuelta has been doing its bit by collaborating with different causes over the years.

La Vuelta 19 - Riding into the future