2018 Edition

Stages won 1
Overall ranking 20
Competitors in race 7
Sporting managers : JONROND Jean-Luc / GUIBERTEAU Christian


Since its creation in 1997, Cofidis has only been absent from the Vuelta in 2000, making it one of the Spanish race’s regulars. The French have shown a particular preference for this race, always putting together powerful line-ups with which to fight for stage victories and good positions in the final general classification. That determination has allowed them to earn 14 partial victories, to which we would have to add the points classification and up to five King of the Mountain victories, four with the legendary David Moncoutié and the latest with Nicolas Édet. Other memorable performances include that by Frank Vandenbroucke in 1999, David Millar (2001 and 2003), Guido Trentin (2002), Luis Pérez (2003), Leonardo Bertagnolli (2005), Leonardo Duque (2007), Rein Taaramae (2011) and Dani Navarro (2014).

  • Final victory 0
  • Stages victories 15
  • Red jerseys 4
  • Other races Won 5

Overall victories: 0 


Stage victories: 15

1999: Frank Vandenbroucke, in Teruel and in Ávila.

2001: David Millar, in Salamanca (I.T.T.) and in Torrelavega.

2002: Guido Trentin, in Sierra Nevada.

2003: Luís Pérez Rodríguez, in Cangas de Onís.

2003: David Millar, in Córdoba.

2005: Leonardo Bertagnolli, in Córdoba.

2007: Leonardo Duque, in Puertollano.

2008: David Moncoutie, in Pla de Beret.

2009: David Moncoutie, in Sierra Nevada.

2010: David Moncoutie, in Xorret de Catí.

2011: David Moncoutie, in Estación de Mountain Manzaneda.

2011: Rein Taarame in La Farrapona. Lagos de Somiedo.

2014: Dani Navarro, in Obregón. Parque de Cabárceno.


Leader jerseys: 4

2001: David Millar, 3 days.

2008: Sylvain Chavanel, 1 day.


Victories in secondary classifications: 5

1999: Frank Vanderbroucke (points).

2008: David Moncoutie (mountain).

2009: David Moncoutie (mountain).

2010: David Moncoutie (mountain).

2011: David Moncoutie (mountain).

2013: Nicolas Edet (mountain).


21: Participations in La Vuelta (uninterrupted since 1997).



August 24, 1999: Frank Vanderbroucke takes his second stage win in La Vuelta 1999 in the cobblestones of Avila, leading a break with Jan Ullrich (who took the overall at the end of that edition), Jose María ‘Chava’ Jiménez, Pavel Tonkov and Leonardo Piepoli. 

September 11, 2011: David Moncoutié joins the elite group of cyclists having won at least four King of the Mountain titles in La Vuelta, together with Andrés Oliva and José María ‘Chava’ Jiménez, only behind José Luis Laguía (5 times).

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