Roche: “I was speechless”

August 25 th 2019 - 18:39

Nicolas Roche (Team Sunweb): “Did I expect to get the red jersey again six years later? Yes and no. When you race a Grand Tour, you have it in the back of the mind that maybe it can happen. I didn’t expect to have it today but last night, we were so close on GC and I received text messages from friends telling me everything was possible. I thought maybe it could happen in the next few days with a bonus sprint or something like that. I didn’t expect to do it the way it happened today but I’m more than happy. When they told me, I was speechless. Quintana rode very well. The guy on his wheel looked behind, there was a moment of cat and mouse. Two seconds of hesitation and he was gone. The last time, I only kept the red jersey for one day and Dani Moreno took it for one second on a mountain top finish. I’d like to keep if for more than a day this time so I’ll have an eye on Nairo, let’s see if he wants to go for time bonuses…”


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