Madrazo: “A dream come true”

August 28 th 2019 - 19:30

Angel Madrazo (Burgos-BH): "To win here is one of the biggest achievements as a cyclist and for me it’s become a dream come true. With 50km, Herrada pushed in a climb and I was dropped. I was able to come back thanks to my mate Jetse Bol. The team was telling me to save energy for tomorrow, for the mountain points… And I told them: ‘No, no, we need to go for it, we can’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today.’ When I came back in the last kilometre, I saw José (Herrada) was faltering and I accelerated for Jetse… And in the end I was the winner! The polka-dot jersey has helped me. I was going for the KOM points. And when we saw the gaps, I told the team we had to keep pushing. Grand Tours need teams like us who are ready to kill themselves on flat and mountain days to appear on TV."


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