Juan Ayuso: "I have to come back next year!"

"When I saw the break go, we knew it was not coming back, and I had two teammates who could have a good try. Of course, on my side, being a bit selfish, it was a bit of a pity because I really wanted to try but it is what it is and I have to come back next year! On the last climb, we went all out and both Mikel Landa and Enric [Mas] tried me but I responded well. I felt good. Last year, I wore the white jersey for almost all the race but it was actually never really mine. This year, I’m gonna be able to celebrate in Madrid with it. I don’t finish on the podium and I didn’t win a stage, which were the objectives, but I think overall it’s been a good Vuelta and at least I take the white jersey."

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