Sepp Kuss: "It's life changing"

"It’s incredible. I think today was the stage that I suffered the most of the whole race, now I’m just glad it’s over. I had a feeling it would be a fast stage when I saw all those guys getting ready to attack. I suffered more today than I didi in Angliru. It was a nice way to finish off. No, I’m not different now that I’ve won La Vuelta, not at all. I’ll still be me. It’s life changing for sure. I think I’ll look back on this experience with a lot of fun memories. It’s still sinking in, I think it’s gonna take quite some time. Now, a big celebration. Family, friends are here, and that’s gonna be really special, to be with the riders and the staff, tell the stories of the last three weeks. So many memories and good times."

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