2018 Edition

Stages won 2
Overall ranking 1
Competitors in race 8
Sporting managers : ARRIETA Jose Luis / LASTRAS Pablo


The historic formation from Navarra, managed by Eusebio Unzué, will take part in its 39th consecutive Vuelta in 2018, a record among the 22 teams competing in this year’s edition. Over the years, its sponsors have been Reynolds, Banesto, Illes Balears, Caisse d’Epargne and Movistar. The only representative of Spanish cycling in the World Tour peloton has always played a lead role in its home race, obtaining many victories in the general classification with Pedro Delgado (1989), Abraham Olano (1998), Alejandro Valverde (2009) and Nairo Quintana (2016); as well as motr than 50 partial victories.

Nairo Quintana’s victory in 2016’s general classification was their last triumph in a grand tour. Riders such as Ángel Arroyo, José Luis Laguía, Julián Gorospe, Pedro Delgado, José María Jiménez, Abraham Olano, Alex Zulle, Chente García Acosta and Pablo Lastras have contributed to the mobile phone team’s victory tally. Last year’s participation for the Spanish team was not its best, but this year Movistar’s line-up is very high-level, featuring such names as Alejandro Valverde, Mikel Landa and Marc Soler among the eight chosen riders to compete in La Vuelta 18 by the Navarra team. 

  • Final victories 4
  • Stages victories 59
  • Red jerseys 13
  • Other races Won 25

Overall victories : 4

1989: Pedro Delgado

1998: Abraham Olano

2009: Alejandro Valverde

2016: Nairo Quintana


Stage victories : 59

1980: Dominique Arnaud en León.

1982: José Luís Laguía en Casino Montes Blancos (Alfajarín), en Puigcerdà y en el Alto del Castillo de Montjuich (Barcelona).

1982: Jesús Hernández Úbeda (Lleida).

1982: Ángel Arroyo en Campo de Criptana (I.T.T).

1983: Carlos Hernández Bailo en León.

1983: José Luís Laguía in Salamanca.

1983: Jesús Hernández Úbeda in Destilerías DYC (Palazuelos de Eresma).

1984: Julián Gorospe at the Alto del Naranco (I.T.T) and in Torrejón de Ardoz (I.T.T.).

1986: Marc Gómez in Palma de Mallorca and in Jerez de la Frontera.

1987: Dominique Arnaud in Ponferrada.

1989: Pedro Delgado in Cerler, Valdezcaray (I.T.T.) and in Medina del Campo (I.T.T.)

1992: Pedro Delgado in Lagos de Covadonga.

1993: Marino Alonso in Ávila.

1994: Marino Alonso in Destilerías DYC (Palazuelos de Eresma).

1997: José Vicente García Acosta at the Alto del Naranco.

1997: José María Jiménez in Los Ángeles del San Rafael.

1998: José María Jiménez in Xorret de Catí, Estació de Pal, Cerler and in the Laguna Negra de Neila.

1998: Abraham Olana in l’Alcudia (I.T.T.)

1999: José María Jiménez at the Alto de l’Angliru.

1999: Alex Zülle in Rassos de Peguera (Berga / Castellar del Riu).

2000: Alex Zülle in Málaga.

2000: Eladio Jiménez in Xorret de Catí.

2001: Juan Miguel Mercado in Lagos de Covandonga.

2001: José María Jiménez at the Alto de la Cruz de la Demanda, Estació de Pal and in the Estació d’Esquí d’Ordino-Arcalís (I.T.T.).

2002: Pablo Lastras in Córdoba and in Collado Villalba.

2002: Santiago Blanco in La Covatilla (Ski station).

2002: José Vicente García Acosta in Ávila.

2004: Denís Menchov in Morella.

2005: Francisco mancebo at the Estació d’Esquí d’Ordino-Arcalís.

2006: Alejandro Valverde at the Alto del Morredero (Ponferrada).

2007: Vladimir Efimkin in Lagos de Covadonga.

2008: Alejandro Valverde in Jaén.

2008: Imanol Erviti in Las Rozas.

2008: David Arroyo in Segovia.

2010: David López in Alcoi.

2010: Imanol Erviti in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

2011: Pablo Lastras in Totana.

2012: Movistar Team in Pamplona (T.T.T.)

2012: Alejandro Valverde in Eibar (Arrate) and in Andorra. Collada de la Gallina.

2014: Movistar Team in Jerez de la Frontera (T.T.T)

2014: Alejandro Valverde in La Zubia.

2014: Adriano Malori in Santiago de Compostela (I.T.T)

2015: Alejandro Valverde in Estepona.

2016: Nairo Quintana in Lagos de Covadonga.


Leader jersey : 113

1982: David Arroyo (8 days).

1983: Julián Gorospe (3 days).

1984: Pedro Delgado (5 days).

1985: Miguel María Induráin (4 days).

1986: Marc Gómez (4 days).

1989: Pedro Delgado (7 days).

1990: Julián Gorospe (6 days).

1998: José María Jiménez (1 day) y Abraham Olano (2 days).

2000: Alex Zulle (8 days).

2006: Alejandro Valverde (8 days).

2007: Vladimir Efimkin (3 days).

2008: Alejandro Valverde (1 day).

2009: Alejandro Valverde (14 days).

2011: Pablo Lastras (1 day).

2012: Jonathan Castroviejo (2 days) y Alejandro Valverde (1 day).

2014: Jonathan Castroviejo (1 day), Alejandro Valverde (4 days), Nairo Quintana (1 day).

2016: Rubén Fernández (1 day), Nairo Quintana (13 days).


Victories in secondary classifications : 25

1982: José Luís Laguía (mountain).

1983: José Luís Laguía (mountain).

1985: José Luís Laguía (mountain).

1994: Team classification.

1997: José María Jiménez (mountain).

1998: José María Jiménez (mountain) and team classification.

1999: José María Jiménez (mountain) and team classification.

2001: José María Jiménez (mountain and points) and team classification.

2002: Aitor Osa (mountain).

2003: Alejandro Valverde (combined classification) and team classification.

2007: Team classification.

2008: Team classification.

2009: Alejandro Valverde (combined classification).

2012: Alejandro Valverde (points and combined classification) and team classification.

2013: Alejandro Valverde (points).

2015: Alejandro Valverde (points) and team classification.

2016 Nairo Quintana (points).


: Different leader jerseys (yellow, gold and red) with which the team has won La Vuelta.



May 5th, 1984 : Julián Gorospe wins both I.T.T. in the Alto del Naranco and in Torrejón de Ardoz.

May 9th, 1989 : Pedro Delgado gets the leader jersey 5 years after getting it for the first time and will wear it until the final victory in Madrid.

August 7th, 2009 : Alejandro Valverde finishes 3rd in Xorret de Catí, takes the lead and arrives in Murcia (his homeland) as the leader of La Vuelta. At the end, he won the overall classification.

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