News - 12/05 - 21:19 [GMT + 2]

D-100: Unique red jersey for La Vuelta in The Netherlands

In 100 days, La Vuelta will start in the Netherlands. To kick off the campaign with a lot of side events, a peloton led by Joop Zoetemelk brought a unique red jersey from Breda, via 's-Hertogenbosch to Utrecht. 

The red jersey (“La Roja”) that was officially handed to Mayor Sharon Dijksma by the last Dutch winner of La Vuelta is unique in several respects....

News - 14/03 - 12:00 [GMT + 1]

Teams selection

The organizers of La Vuelta have chosen the teams that will take part in the 77th edition of the Spanish Grand Tour. La Vuelta 22 will start on Friday the 19th of August and finish on Sunday the 11th of September, from Utrecht (the Netherlands) to Madrid, World Capital of Sports 2022. 

In accordance with UCI rules, the following 18 UCI WorldTeams are automatically...

News - 24/01 - 13:23 [GMT + 1]

Barcelona will host the official start and the two first stages of La Vuelta 23

Barcelona will host the official departure of La Vuelta 23. The 78th edition of the Spanish Grand Tour will take off with a T.T.T.that will take place entirely within the city. Barcelona will also host the second stage finish-line and will play a prominent role in such key, emblematic La Vuelta events as the team presentation gala and the filming...

News - 18/12 - 09:33 [GMT + 1]

La Vuelta 22: key figures of the official route presentation

News - 16/12 - 20:00 [GMT + 1]

The route of La Vuelta 22

This Thursday, the Palacio Municipal – IFEMA Madrid hosted the official presentation of the route of La Vuelta 22. The 77thedition of the Spanish Grand Tour will take off on Friday, the 19th of August from Utrecht (The Netherlands) and will conclude on the 11th of September in Madrid. Over its 21 stages, it will feature 12 unprecedented departures and 11 unprecedented...

News - 16/12 - 20:00 [GMT + 1]

The four cardinal points

Each year, when preparing La Vuelta, we try to find a series of unique narratives that will make each edition truly special and unforgettable. These may include a special celebration or anniversary, an unprecedented location, a returning classic… there are no specific criteria used to choose them, other than the instinct and inspiration that the territories themselves...

News - 16/12 - 20:00 [GMT + 1]

The Netherlands, cycling territory

 The Netherlands has many links with the world of cycling, both as a mode of transport and as a sport. In its day-to-day life, the bicycle is one of the landscape’s most common elements, something often seen in Dutch cities.

It is traditionally said that The Netherlands has more bicycles than people. There are kilometres of bike lanes, exclusive parking facilities...

News - 10/12 - 11:00 [GMT + 1]

La Vuelta is a leading event in terms of social and touristic perception

A group of researchers from the Faculty of Science and Sport in the University of Murcia has created a new independent report regarding the social and touristic impact of La Vuelta 21 whereby, a series of scientifically validated surveys and questionnaires has reflected the perception and opinion of residents and tourists regarding La Vuelta’s visit to their municipalities....

News - 06/12 - 17:09 [GMT + 1]

“La Vuelta Virtual Grand 10” - Christmas Community Edition of the Spanish Grand Tour on ROUVY

‘La Vuelta Virtual’ is a year-round project to bring the Spanish tour to everyone’s home around the world. Therefore, ROUVY continuously releases the most exciting and immersive official routes of La Vuelta. From Dec 7th to Dec 19th, cyclists of all levels are invited to compete virtually with the Burgos BH pro riders. Just the same as last year, the Spanish...

News - 18/11 - 11:00 [GMT + 1]

KAS and La Vuelta raise 10,000€ for the NGO Paisaje Limpio thanks to the 'EcoCup'

KAS, the Spanish citrus-based refreshment brand born in Vitoria in 1956, part of the PepsiCo company since 1992, announced with Unipublic a donation of 10,000€ to the non-profit organisation Paisaje Limpio. This money will be destined entirely towards two volunteer clean-up days along the Galician and Cantabrian coasts...

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