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This small town in southern France will be La Vuelta’s last foray beyond Spain’s frontiers, although the landscape contains many features that are very typical of the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula. Saint-Palais belongs to the French Basque Country and shares its cultural tradition with Euskadi-The Basque Country. An example of this is the Festival de la Force Basque, a Basque rural sports championship held in August that provides such iconic images as woodchoppers (‘aizkolariak’) and an event called ‘soka-tira’ (tug of war).

La Vuelta travels to the source of Basque mythology, and presumably the source of the Basque language. Urdax is a municipality in the unique, fascinating region of Baztán in Navarra. Its myths and legends, its intense climate and the beauty of its green landscapes have attracted travellers and curious sightseers for centuries. Often found in literature as the setting for fantasy novels, the area was first included in La Vuelta in 2016, when the stage was won by the Italian Valerio Conti.

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