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The first thing one notices when arriving in Mora de Rubielos is its stunning castle and its ruined ramparts. The building, presumably of Arab origin, was rebuilt in the 12th century after the town had been conquered by Alfonso II. Set in the Sierra de Gúdar in Aragon, Mora de Rubielos will host the start of one of those stages referred to as ‘legbreakers’, with several mountain passes in a row and continuous climbs and descents.

Although it is not located in the same province, Ares del Maestrat shares certain similarities with Mora de Rubielos. This town in Castellon is also famous for its castle, which played a key role in Jaume I’s conquests. Located at the foot of Mola d’Ares, this town is the second highest in the whole of the Community of Valencia, at an altitude of almost 1,200 metres. This is the first stage it has ever hosted, and it ends with a long steep climb that begins 10 kilometres before the finishing line.

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