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Mondoñedo is an unprecedented La Vuelta departure. The Lugo municipality took on particular historical relevance in the late Middle Ages as it was the setting of the Galicia succession of power battle between Galicians and Castilians. An episode in which the marshal Pardo de Cela, a historical figure who died in the very Praza da Catedral that the peloton will pass through during La Vuelta, was the protagonist.

Faro de Estaca de Bares. Mañón

Estaca de Bares, in the municipality of Mañón, is the Northernmost point of the Iberian peninsula. The Coruña cape, the natural area where mountains, rivers and the sea come together, is an unprecedented La Vuelta finish-line. The waters of the Sor River converge with those of the Atlantic Ocean and of the Cantabrian Sea, which are separated by this natural setting where visitors can practice a multitude of water sports or walk along its numerous hiking trails.

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