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A granary is a structure that is elevated above the ground and is used to protect food from humidity and animals. Some of the best-preserved examples of this traditional construction found in the peninsula's North, are located in Ribera de Arriba. This small Asturian municipality, near the capital, Oviedo, encompasses both the Principality's history and tradition in their purest states.

Lagos de Covadonga. Centenarios 2018

Marino Lejarreta, Perico Delgado, Lucho Herrera, Laurent Jalabert, Pavel Tonkov and Nairo Quintana… all of them have, at one point or another, climbed the windy, endless slopes of the Lagos de Covadonga and know just how it feels to win when you reach the top. The Asturian finish-line is synonymous with fighting, suffering and with cycling performance of the highest level.

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