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Tineo is the second largest council in the Principality of Asturias. With its deeply rooted mining tradition, this area is a good example of how life has revolved around this activity for centuries. Testifying to this is the gold museum - Museo del Oro de Navelgas. The exhibits tell the story of how the gold industry developed from the Roman era through to more recent times.

Dating from 1575 there is a record, according to the chroniclers of the time, of the first miracle worked by Our Lady of Acebo. It occurred on 8th September, when a little girl attended mass where the sanctuary now stands and she was cured of an illness she had suffered since birth. On that same day, almost 450 years later, the peloton will have to make a leap of faith to overcome the steep slopes that lead up to the chapel. This mountain pass is making its first appearance on La Vuelta’s route, but it is a popular landmark and often visited by the region’s own Vuelta a Asturias.

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