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Cantabria is one of the territories that best combines high mountain and coastal landscapes. Its natural heritage is one of the richest in the Iberian Peninsula. The greatest example of this is the Cabárceno Nature Park, a space that houses almost 150 different animal species that have come from all over the world. Within its 750 hectares, animals live in near-liberty, in conditions that are as similar as possible to their natural habitats.

In this exhibition of nature as another tourist attraction is the cable car of Fuente Dé. This means of transport takes visitors to a peak that stands 1823 metres above sea level, through some of Picos de Europa’s most beautiful landscapes, in order to arrive at a stunning view that attracts visitors from all over the globe. 

Lastly, without forgetting its vast coastal heritage, Santander also houses the Cantabrian Maritime Museum. The centre offers the possibility of discovering the biology of this sea, as well as its history and its extensive fishing tradition - An example of that combination of sea and land in Northern Spain and, especially, Cantabria.

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